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This function allows you to call to another report, calculate it in the background without rendering it to the user and return an id for that calculation result that can be used by the other api to get data from that calculation result.


getCalculationId (reportname, queryString, isPrivate, publisher)




The name of the report which you want to perform a background calculation on


Any additional query string arguments you want to pass in for the calculation of the report

Default value: ”“


Is this a private report

Default value: false


If it is a private report, specify the login id of the user that published it.

Default value: ”“


The result of this function is numeric value representing the calculation id.


The following code will call back to the server and calculate the named report and then retrieve data from it, without ever rendering that report.

// Example 1 - Calculate the named public report.
var calcId1 = report.api.getCalculationId("MyTestReport");

// Example 2 - Calculate the named private report
var calcId2 = report.api.getCalculationId("MyTestReport", "", true, "sgibbs");

// Example 3 - Calculate a public report with additional parameters
var queryString = "[Date].[Date].%26[2]&R1C3=Yesterday"
var calcId3 = report.api.getCalculationId("MyTestReport", queryString);