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Release Highlights - 2020.1

CREFLEX Drillable

The CREFLEX (MDX) formula is now drillable, just like the CMEMBER formula. To take advantage of this, there is a new argument at the end of the formula to specify what style of drilling you want to enable. By default, we are leaving CREFLEX as not drillable so that existing reports do not change. See here

CMEMBER - Return member captions in Multi Select Mode

For CMEMBER that are in the MultiSelectMode Set, returning the captions of the selected members is now possible, not just the UID’s. This is done using the MultiSelectMode SetWithCaptions. See here

Sharing Views

When you share a view in CALUMO via the share menu or, if in CALUMO Home, the tab menu, you can share the current state of the view, not the original state.

This clones the current state of the view behind the scenes and uses it in the URL.

When performing this action from a saved view, the option is given to either send the current or original state of the view.

MDX Query Caching

Further optimizations have been made to the writeback and drill-through features in this release.

A specialized cache of the report or view is maintained after every calculation and used to determine the specific data-point without having to re-query for it.

Combined with the other recently released query optimizations for member keys, you should see significant performance improvements in both writeback and drill-through workloads.

ADMIN - User lookup performance improvements

A set of optimizations have been made to the way CALUMO queries users within the Administration interfaces, instead of loading all and then filtering, we now load batches of 100 users and incorporate a true dynamic search.

This optimization improves performance with the rendering and responsiveness of the interface (by showing a smaller number of results) as well as saving on network traffic and is particularly beneficial to those with very large users bases (i.e. many thousands).

This affects Administration interfaces:

  • Start Pages
  • Access Control
  • User/Group Management and Effective Access.

Power BI Integration - Alpha

With the latest release of CALUMO, 2020.1.1, we have alpha released our Power BI integration.

This alpha aims to show how we envisage the integration working as well as to allow customers who want to join in, the opportunity to provide feedback and help shape the future of the integration.

If you are interested in joining the alpha test of our Power BI integration, please let us know via email.

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