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Silent Install - Webserver

A silent install of the CALUMO Webserver can be performed. To ensure this is successful, you must make sure the following pre-requisites are installed on the target computer:

  • .NET 4.7.2 Framework
  • IIS with all applicable modules installed

To perform a silent install, please refer to the following help which can be found by running the installer with the /? Switch:

  • Calumo Webserver.exe /?

The default values for unspecified options in a command line silent install are as follows:


For paths and urls, the values should be wrapped in double quotes (inner) and then single-quotes (outer) to ensure that the values are escaped correctly from the command line into the installer.
e.g. /LDAPConnection='"LDAP://server.local"'

Option Default Comment
InstallPath C:\inetput\wwwroot\calumo
WebsiteName Calumo This is the name of website that users will access via http://hostname/ websitename
SQLServer localhost The hostname of the SQL Server server
SSASServer localhost The hostname of the SQL Server Analysis Services server
LDAPConnection LDAP://server.local This is the name of your Active Directory Server that is LDAP enabled.
LDAPLoginName The LDAP username is a login ID giving read access to the LDAP server.
LDAPPassword The LDAP password is required for the above user and must not expire.
SupportEmail This email address receives errors that are sent from the CALUMO Office Client. This can be replaced with an internal email if you want to have a centralised internal collection point for CALUMO and then have them forward on issues that they cannot solve to CALUMO Support (
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