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Version History 2020.2


1st July 2020
New APPLICATION INSIGHTS > We have moved our back end application performance management tooling over to use the excellent Microsoft Azure Application Insights.
New CUBE EVENTS > Block style events will return XML or JSON based on the name of the parameter in the associated stored procedure. Read more here
New MULTI-TENANT > CALUMO can now run as a multi-tenant application
Improved CUBE EVENTS > Block style events will now include the CALUMO database id of the WritebackStoredProcedure wired up that triggered this event for instances where you might want to reverse lookup to get more information.
Improved CUBE EVENTS > Block style events are deprecating the use of the properties Datasource, Catalog and Cube in favour of OlapDatasourceAlias, OlapDatasourcePhysical, OlapCatalog, OlapCube, SqlDatasource and SqlDatabase as detailed in Block Event Payloads
Improved SKYLIGHTS > HIGH RES PUBLISH > The high-res published version now retains the hyperlinks from the original version
Fixed USERS > CACHING > Resolved an issue with the caching of the CALUMO User object for each user, when using the Redis cache on shared instances, that was spamming errors to the log of type StartPageAssembly


4th June 2020
New VISUALS (beta) > You can now bring your own Power BI into CALUMO and CALUMO will interactively authenticate your users as they use it.
Improved OFFICE CLIENT > Refresh of the ribbon icons for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Read more
Improved OFFICE CLIENT > Flagged in the tooltip of the Options button (and the Browse button in Excel) which CALUMO server you are currently connected to.
Fixed CALUMO PERSPECTIVES > Resolved an issue when a sub query query was being used in the MDX we were unable to correctly detect the Cube being used so it could be replaced.
Fixed CMEMBER > Resolved an issue where if the MultiSelectMode was set to a space " " it would throw an error as the value was neither nothing nor a correct value.
Fixed DIMENSION MAINTENANCE > ADMIN > Resolved an issue where saving a definition would fail because of a change to the Cube definition that came through with CALUMO Perspectives.
Fixed EXCEL CLIENT > Resolved an issue with the CALUMO Formulator where when Excel was in the “Black” theme, the font colour of the text was not adjusting properly making it hard to read.
Fixed VISUALS (beta) > Resolved an issue where on initial save of a new report, the loading spinner would stay up indefinitely.
Fixed VIEWS > SUBSETS > Resolved an issue where non-administrators would receive a generic server error when trying to save a subset instead of a message that non-admins are not permitted to save subsets


3rd June 2020
Fixed OFFICE CLIENT > Resolved an issue where the external worker process (eowp.exe) which is a Chromium based browser controls inside the client, was spawning in the wrong location and causing issues with some anti-virus programs.


21st May 2020
Fixed DIMENSION MAINTENANCE > Resolved an issue with saving when using CALUMO Perspectives.
Fixed REPORTS > DRILL TO TRANSACTIONS > Resolved an issue where drilling to transactions on a CGET when it has a dependent cell be another CALUMO formula, e.g. a CGETSQL providing the datasource.
Fixed REPORTS > WRITEBACK > Resolved an issue with native writeback (i.e. writeback when no writeback stored procedures are connected) where the writeback would fail.


5th May 2020
Fixed DIMENSION MAINTENANCE > Resolved an issue with creating a new dimension to be maintained that would not allow the configuration to be saved
Fixed DRILL TO TRANSACTIONS > Resolved an issue where drilling to transactions and then reloading the subsequent page caused an error instead of reloading
Fixed OLAP DATA VIEW CACHING > Resolved an issue with writeback when this feature is turned on that causes a server side error
Fixed REPORTS > CREFLEX DRILL > Resolved an issue when drilling in a CREFLEX where the axis was not being determined correctly and it would throw an error
Fixed VIEWS > MEMBER EXPLORER > Resolved an issue where the bottom right of the Member Explorer drag selection is too high and sits under the ok button

2020.2 Release

5th May 2020

This is the initial release of CALUMO 2020.2, read all about it here in the Release Highlights for CALUMO 2020.2