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Skylight Designer

Skylight Designer Buttons

Back and Forward

Back and Forward

The Back and Forward buttons step through any web pages you have visited.


Home returns to the original URL of this Skylight

Open Web Page

Open Web Page opens the current web page in the default web browser

URL Field

URL Field shows the address of the current page. Click the down arrow to view a list of the last 20 viewed web pages and/or published reports.

Reload Button

Reload Button reloads the current URL

Select Report

Select Report shows a browser dialog to select a CALUMO report (see Add A Skylight)

Reset Frame

Reset Frame returns the framing tool to its default position

Zoom Tool

Zoom Tool

sets the zoom level of web content

Active in Slideshow

In Active Slideshow

In PowerPoint only, the Active in SlideShow button to allow active web content, such as browsing & writeback 

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