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Add Skylight

Add a new Skylight Report or Skylight Field - this will open the Skylight Designer to allow you to select the part of the CALUMO report you want to use. (see Adding a Skylight Report)


Edit Skylight Opens the Skylight Designer to edit the selected Skylight Report or Skylight Field. Note: In Word, you can double-click a Skylight Report to open it. (see Editing a Skylight)


Refresh Skylights Refreshes the the selected Skylight Report or Skylight Field from the CALUMO server with the latest data.


Open Browser Opens the selected Skylight Report or Skylight Field in your default browser


Convert to Picture Converts the selected (Skylight Report only) to an ordinary picture object.


Reloads web content for all Skylights in the document. This is useful if any of the content has changed. - see Refreshing Skylights

High Res Publish

High Res Publish Creates a new document containing a higher-resolution version of all Skylight Reports in the document for printing - see Printing Skylight Documents

Mask All

Mask All

Masking provides for sensitive information in reports to be restricted to those that  have permissions to access the data. Hidden data becomes visible upon refresh - see Restricting Information with Masking