Editing a Skylight

How to Edit

In Word, double-click the Skylight or select the Edit button in the ribbon while a Skylight is selected

In Powerpoint select the Edit button after selecting a Skylight (double-click is not available in Powerpoint)


The watermark “Draft” shows after creating a new Skylight.

This goes away after Refreshing - see Refreshing Skylights

The “draft” shows because the first time a Skylight is created, it shows whatever graphic was inside the boudning box you selected.But some reports move or change slightly or contain temporary data, so it’s important to “Refresh” a Skylight (thereby removing the “Draft”) to see exactly what will show when it is updated/refreshed in the future


Skylights are basically ordinary Picture objects in an Office Document so you can do anything with a Skylight that you can do with a Picture, such as resizing, repositioning, cutting, pasting, and all advanced picture effects (reflections, shadows etc)