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Editing a Skylight

How to Edit

In Word, double-click the Skylight or select the Edit button in the ribbon while a Skylight is selected

In Powerpoint select the Edit button after selecting a Skylight (double-click is not available in Powerpoint)


The watermark Draft shows after creating a new Skylight. This is removed by Refreshing the Skylight.

This happens because, at first, the Skylight only shows the graphic that was inside the box selected. Some reports move or change slightly or contain temporary data, so it’s important to Refresh a Skylight (which removes the watermark Draft) to see exactly what will show when it is refreshed in the future.


Skylights are basically ordinary Picture objects in an Office Document so you can do anything with a Skylight that you can do with a Picture, such as resizing, repositioning, cutting, pasting, and all advanced picture effects (reflections, shadows etc)

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