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App Slicers

Slicers are objects that denote a particular member within a hierarchy and can here be used inside an App - so that any opened documents will engage a given set of slicers.

App Slicers are a property of an App (shown below) - click on any or the “Edit…” button to show the App Slicer Editor.

Slicer Inheritance

All documents in the App tree will inherit all slicers by default.

In total, there are 3 ways for each document node to inherit slicers:

  1. Use all slicers (default)
  2. Use only some slicers by selecting a limited set for a particular document
  3. Ignore all defined slicers by selecting “Ignore Slicers” (the checkbox option below “Ignore Slicers”)

App items inherit the slicers of any parent folders. So if a folder has only one (of many) slicers selected, then all contents of that folder will apply the same setting and therefore see only one slicer when it is viewed within the App.

Editing Slicer Screenshot

Slicers for App Users

For users of the App, the slicers will show as Filters (just a simpler term)

In-App Slicer Screenshot

Users of the App may select from the slicer’s dropdown-list. This will take immediate effect on any report showing by re-calculating the report if relevant - that being the presence of any CMEMBER formula with the same hierarchy as the slicer being set and also that this CMEMBER formula has the SLICER argument set - in the report).

If the “Use Cache” option has been set on the slicer, it will read and/or write to the user’s member cache (see CMEMBER Cached argument for the same principle applied and App Slicer Editor for more detail on the “User Cache” option)

Slicers that have been explicitly excluded for a particular App item, will show a faded dropdown-list (but which can nevertheless be selected as they are not disabled)