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Import / Export


Export button in the Editable Table will let you download an Excel workbook configured for the particular editable table. This workbook will be the base template for importing data to this Editable table.


Import functionality is not enabled by default and must be configured in each Editable Table definition.

Once enabled, the Import button will appear on the Editable Table toolbar.

Import workflow

  1. Click the Export button to export the Excel workbook tailored for that particular editable table import.
  2. Modify the workbook entries and save the changes. (You can create or modify records using this method, but you can not delete records)
  3. Click the Import button on the editable table.
  4. Click “Select files…” to select the modified Excel workbook file for the import.

Import error feedback

Any failed import attempt will display download Error Sheet” button at the bottom of the Import data table) dialogue. You can click the button to download the Excel sheet with error highlighted in a worksheet.

  • any cell failed the validation will be highlighted in yellow.
  • any error message will be added to the extra columns to the far right of the table.
  • each error message will have a prefix to indicate which column it is related to.


  • Only the active worksheet will be used for the import process.
  • No stored procedure executes before or after the import process.