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Website Caching

The CALUMO website uses a caching system for some internal operations, to optimize speed and memory usage.

This caching system uses either an external Redis cache or an “in memory” cache.

InMemory is the default setting on custom installations of CALUMO, where *Redis *cache is used on all Cloud installations.

If you are able to recognize a need to change from InMemory in your on-premise (non-cloud) installation, this can be configured.

If IIS is configured to use multiple worker processes, it is a requirement to use the Redis cache rather than InMemory**

Configuring the Cache

To configure CALUMO to use an external Redis cache, change the following configuration values in the CALUMO Server Configuration:

  • Cache Type:  Redis
  • Cache Type Connection String:  your Redis connection details in the format host:port

Save the configuration and the serer will use the external Redis cache on restart

The choice of cache will depend on server hardware and usage, and should always be made in consultation with CALUMO support staff.

Generally speaking an external (Redis) cache offers the possibility of assigning certain amounts of memory and key information to a separate process, which could provide benefits depending on the number of users and various other variables.

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