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Printing Skylight Documents (High-Res Publish)

Image Stretching

When printing Word documents with pictures, there may be in increase in image artifacts and blockiness as the images are stretched to a larger size. This is because images are captured at a given size as a Picture object and resizing (in Word) usually just stretches the original image

To work around this, Skylights for Word adds a feature to print in higher resolution, known as High-Res Publish

High-Res Publishing

High-Res Publish takes a higher resolution snapshot of the underlying URL (web page) so that when the Picture object is stretched to produce a printed document, there will be greater detail available to it and blockiness reduced.

This feature relies on content having larger resolution available. That is, all text and HTML generated content within a report can be rendered at any resolution but if a custom image is a small size (16x16 pixels) then high-resolution can not produce greater detail than is given. The higher resolution must be available, as when zooming into the content within a web browser.


If the resulting resolution is not adequately sharp or detailed, try these suggestions to help ensure you are getting the best results:

  • Change the font used in the Skylight. If it’s a CALUMO report, try using Arial instead of the default Calibri, for example, and/or making the font size larger
  • When selecting the Skylight bounding box, keep it tight around the edges (no space)
  • Keep the zoom as high as you can when making a selection, if the image can be represented at 70% instead of 60%, this will ensure a slightly higher resolution
  • Once the Skylight has been created as a Picture object, in Word, resize the image to as large as will fit within the margins (or whatever will print)