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Release Highlights - 2021.4

New CALUMO User Interface

The product team is proud to deliver a revitalised look and feel for CALUMO. It’s available in this release on an opt-in basis — users can try it out for themselves, and admins can switch it on for all whenever they’re ready.

To enable the New user interface for CALUMO Home, Admins can activate the feature toggle by going to:

Settings > Server Configuration > Feature Toggles > and enabling the “HomeNewUserOptIn” feature.

When admins wish to switch on the new CALUMO Home experience for all users, the feature toggle for “HomeNew” can be enabled.

Highlights of the new user interface include:

  • A more consistent look and feel across the application.
  • The return of context menus. Right clicking is making return to web-based interfaces, and Calumo will be no exception. Context menus are returning to our platform, to make it faster and easier for you to interpret your data and navigate the CALUMO product.
  • A modern, beautiful design. This release will focus on the new home screen. We are developing a powerful and intuitive layout to create a more consistent look and feel across the application.
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