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App Slicer Priority

Since Apps contains some overlapping features with regards to slicers, there is a pre-determined priority that takes place:

  1. If an App Slicer is set to Use Cache and the user’s Member Cache contains an entry with a hierarchy that matches a defined App Slicer, then the cached entry will determine what member the slicer uses - but has the lowest priority (ie the following 2 slicer methods will override it)
  2. An App URL Query String, which is limited to setting one of the already pre-defined slicers, will override any Member Cache (1)
  3. A Query String property on an App node overrides everything. ie if an App Slicer is set to “Use Cache” and/or an App URL query string is set, but the slicer’s hierarchy is explicitly used in the Query String property, a Query String Property will override any (or both) App URL Query String and Member Cache
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