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Auto Scaling of Data

Auto scaling is on by default for all new charts and will require a small change to charts created in previous versions (prior to CALUMO v12.2.1.125), see Updating Existing Charts below.

When auto scaling is enabled, data will be rounded and scaled into the unit of measure of the largest number (positive or negative) in the data set, have an applicable number format applied and also be appended with the appropriate indicator for the unit of measure.

The units of measure and indicators are as follows:

Unit of Measure Appended Indicator
Up to a Thousand none
Thousands k
Millions M
Billions B

With auto scaling enabled all data and label number formats will be set to auto and the Value Axis Min/Max settings will be enabled and auto.

Precision Rules

The rules of auto scaling are to format the numbers in the chart to three significant digits so that depending on the unit of measure the number is in, the correct precision can be shown.

  • Single units will get two decimal points of precision, e.g. 1,432,000 will become 1.43 M
  • Tens units will get one decimal points of precision, e.g. 10,821 will become 10.8 k
  • Hundreds units will get no decimal points of precision e.g. 654,032,923 will become 654 M

Updating Existing Charts

To update existing charts to take advantage of auto scaling, open them up in Chart Design mode and toggle the Auto Scale property off and then on. This will cause a reset of all the number and label formatting in use in your chart and set the defaults for auto scaling.

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