Version History 12.2.1

16th September 2019
fixed IE > Resolved an issue for IE users that was causing CALUMO to no load after logging in

11th September 2019
new DATASOURCES > SNAPSHOT > Datasources can now be designated as having a snapshot to allow or reporting to be done against read-only snapshots of cubes. Read more about Snapshot Datasources.
new VIEW PERFORMANCE EVENTS > Information is now stored in the CALUMO database relating the calculation and performance of CALUMO Views
improved REPORT PERFORMANCE EVENTS > Added the capture of the original and the current query string in the event.
improved VIEWS > CHROME > Changed the way the borders are drawn in views to get around an issue introduced in Chrome 78 which made the CSS border-collapse property not work.
fixed DIMENSION MAINTENANCE > Resolved an issue where the audit fields on the backend table were not being updated as requested by the linked Editable Table definition.
fixed REPORTS > CONDITIONAL FORMATTING > Resolved an issue in TOP/BOTTOM count conditional formats in Published Reports where the bottom n + 1 was having the rule applied, not the bottom n.
fixed VIEWS > Resolved an issue where clicking on the name of the view in the top left of the interface to create a new blank view for that cube was not working correctly and caused an inoperable view to be created.
fixed VIEWS > Resolved an issue where the splitter in views, when dragged the right, would slide under the members on rows.
fixed VIEWS > Resolved an issue where the alignment of the rows members and data would go out of alignment when the user scrolled down to the very bottom of the view when there was both vertical and horizontal scroll bars showing.

19th August 2019
improved CREFLEXTABLE > Ensure the sheet columns are not flexed unless a specific column number is set.
fixed MEMBER EXPLORER > NEW MEMBER PICKER > Resolved another issue where the 2nd selector box was not searchable after a selection in the first
fixed OFFICE CLIENT > CLIENT AUTHENTICATION > Resolved an issue with Single Signon so that internal CALUMO staff get directed to the correct SSO provider, not the Customers SSO provider.
fixed PUBLICATIONS > QUERY STRING > Resolved an issue where the encoding of the query string was not correct causing it to not be applied when there were special characters being used.

9th August 2019
improved DIMENSION MAINTENANCE > Ensured the select dimension drop down is sorted alphabetically.
improved VIEWS > Updates to analytics logging on feature usage for context menu items.
fixed ADMIN > REPORT VAULT > Resolved an issue where Open Latest on a private report tried to open the public version.
fixed ADMIN > SERVER CONFIG > Resolved an issue where the Olap Status page threw an error when there was a certain type of in progress query.
fixed CGETSQL > Resolved an issue where non-nullable columns were being set to zero when merging causing an overwrite of existing data.
fixed MEMBER EXPLORER > NEW MEMBER PICKER > Resolved an issue where the 2nd selector box was not searchable after a selection in the first.

30th July 2019
new CMEMBER > CMEMBER has a new type ‘DropDownNonEmpty’ which will perform a non empty on the selected member with the subset passed in to restrict the list of members and improve performance on large hierarchies.
fixed APPS > BLOCK STYLE > Resolved an issue where a Folder with no children threw an error when clicked
fixed APPS > SPLITTER > Resolved an issue that was causing the App splitter to not be resizable when in Panel display mode.
fixed CGETSQL > Resolved an issue in the creation of the backend queries that could result in the wrong query being executed.
fixed CGETSQL > Resolved an issue where CGETSQL was not inheriting the format set in the Editable Table definition for a given field.
fixed CHYPERLINK > VIEWS > Resolved an issue where the query string set on the URL for a view was not being passed through to the View correctly causing slicers to not be set on the view.
fixed CREPORTLIST > Resolved an issue where the drop down portion of the list was hiding behind a lower freeze pane section.
fixed CREPORTSQLPAGER > Resolved an issue with the delete functionality where it would throw an error when attempting to delete the record.
fixed DIMENSION MAINTENANCE > Ensured that when launched from the Admin UI, the Maintain Dimension interface would auto select the correct Dimension
fixed MY > VIEWS > Resolved an issue where a user could not delete their own private view unless they were also an Admin.

21st June 2019
improved APPS > When an App shows in its own window, if you have set an icon for the App, it will show that icon as the browser tab icon (favicon)
improved MEMBER EXPLORER > We have rationalised the options from five to two that Member Explorer shows when it is opened without a selected member. It now shows one selector for Datasouce/Catalog/Cube and one for Dimension/Hierarchy
improved MEMBER EXPLORER > When a hierarchy is broken (i.e. it is showing members from multiple levels out of sequence), it will now show an icon and a hover message to let the users know it is in that state and give them a tip on how to reset it back.
fixed APPS > REPORTS > MEMBER EXPLORER > Resolved an issue with the screen positioning of Member Explorer in Reports (when in an App) where it could appear partially off-screen.
fixed CHARTS > Resolved an issue where when a chart was stacked and the Value Axis Max was set to “auto”, the scale of the axis was set incorrectly and data would expand pass the top edge of the chart.
fixed CHARTS > Resolved an issue where when Min or Max was explicitly set and the min was above the axis or the max was below the axis, they were being respectively set to 0, not the specified amount.
fixed DIMENSION MANAGER > STORED PROC > Resolved an issue where using the @loginid directive in a stored proc would not pass through the login id of the user performing the action.
fixed VIEWS > MEMBER EXPLORER > Resolved an issue where the member tree in Member Explorer would keep losing its levels and snapping back to a single list of memebrs.

12th June 2019
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > Resolve an issue introduced in where field definitions for Editable Tables were not refreshing correctly causing either the wrong result or duplicated items.

12th June 2019
fixed APPS > DESIGNER > Resolved an issue where the cubes node was not expanding.
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > Resolve an issue where SQL views were not being shown in the list of source tables for an Editable Table.

9th June 2019
new CHARTS > DESIGN > By default, dynamic charts will now auto scale their numbers and axis. Read more about Chart Auto Scaling
new CHARTS > DESIGN > You can now trim the labels of a chart based on rules like max characters or at first occurance of substring.  Read more about Chart Label Trimming
improved CORE > SETTINGS > Some CALUMO application settings have moved out of only being able to be set from the back end to being able to be set in the Server Configuration user interface.
improved TABLE EDITOR > IMPORT > Lookup type fields now support either the lookup description or key to be used as the value
improved VIEWS > Better messages for users when their query either times out or is terminated by an administrator.
fixed CORE > SETTINGS > Allow settings to be set to no value.
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > Resolved an issue where the max length of a field in SQL was not being adhered to.
fixed REPORTS > Resolved an issue that was causing Drill Out to a View to stop working in certain circumstances.
fixed REPORTS > CHYPERLINK > Resolved an issue where when an App URL was being generated by CINFO and the report was showing in CALUMO Home, the URL was not being generated correctly
fixed REPORTS > CREPORTSQLSELECTOR > Resolved an issue where the initial state of the selector when there were multiple items selected was not being set correctly
fixed REPORTS > CMEMBER > Resolved an issue where when a member is expanded and then selected it would not work
fixed TABLE EDITOR > IMPORT > Resolved an issue where boolean fields were causing errors on import.
fixed TABLE EDITOR > EDIT > Resolved an issue in pop-up edit mode where switch fields were resetting their value
fixed VIEWS > DRILL TO TRANSACTIONS > Ensure that when drilling on a cell with multiple selections for a hierarchy on slicers, stored proc drill passes the correct co-ordinate across
fixed VIEWS > SHARE MENU > Fixed up the positioning and formatting of the share menu to be the same as in Reports

20th May 2019
new REPORTS > CREPORTTOOLBAR> You can now use a formula to dynamically hide/show different toolbar buttons in reports.  Read more about CREPORTTOOLBAR
new REPORTS > CREPORTPROPERTIES > This formula has a new argument OnlySliceAsValues that lets you dynamically set whether or not Send To Excel will only allow ‘as values’.  Read more about CREPORTPROPERTIES
improved CORE > FEATURES > Removed feature flags for Formula Wizard, Dynamic Charting, ReportCellErrors and SaveTempImagesToCache as they are now core in the product
improved CORE > Updated CALUMO Help URL generation to cater for new CALUMO Help site.
improved CORE > LOGGING > Ensure that setttings with passwords do not log the password if the setting is logged
fixed APPS > GLOBAL SLICERS > Ensured that the selection of a Global Slicer before a report was loaded would still pass that selection to the report
fixed CLIENT > AUTHENTICATION V2 > Resolved an issue where the embedded browser would show a Windows authentication dialog when trying to signin with Azure AD
fixed REPORTS > CCHART > Resolved an issue where when two charts use the same hierarchy on rows and are in the same family, resetting the drill state from a CCHARTSELECTIONS will reset on both charts, even if only one has been drilled.
fixed REPORTS > CREPORTSQLSELECTOR > Resolved a issue where the CREPORTSQLSELECTOR was not remembering the selections between recalculations
fixed VIEWS > SHARE > Resolved a issue where the share menu was not aligning correctly

2nd May 2019
improved CORE > LOGGING > More consistent error handling where a user does not have access to a certain resource
fixed ADMIN > START PAGES > Resolved an issue where the show toolbar option was not hiding the toolbar on reports when the setting was checked off
fixed DIMENSION MAINTENANCE > DATES > Resolved an issue certain date formats were not being handled correctly when written back to SQL

1st May 2019
improved CORE > LOGGING > Removed the cleanup weblog code in the logging call that could sometimes cause SQL to sit in a blocked state
improved EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > Added more flexible type validation for incoming types to SQL field types. eg Incoming text to backing money column will try and parse out the number from the text string
fixed REPORTS > CGETSQL > Resolved an issue where non admin users would not be able to use reports with CGETSQL in them as they were redirected to HOME because there was a server call that hit an Admin-only part of CALUMO

6th April 2019
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > Resolved an issue with source table key fields not being able to be set to updatable when they are not specified as the key by the Editable Table definition. Fields that are flagged as the key for the Editable Table will remain as not updatable.

6th April 2019
improved CORE > LOGGING > We have improved the error logging around communications from the CALUMO Office Client where uncaught errors are occurring on the server side. These will now show up in the Server Logs on the CALUMO server being connected to.
improved EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > If the SQL column being imported into is a text type or key/identity/auto-increment, no validation should be performed. This will also allow for auto-incrementing keys to be left blank to automatically get their new key
fixed CORE >LOGIN> Resolved an issue where the styling of the login page was lost as part of a change in
fixed CORE > URL > Resolved an issue where the Query String part of the CALUMO URLs might change case
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > Resolved an issue with Foreign Lookup definitions be looked at even though the field was not a lookup which caused an error in retrieving all the definitions in the admin page.
fixed REPORTS >CHYPERLINK> Resolved an issue when a link to an uploaded file was used nothing would happen and the download would error

2nd April 2019
improved CORE > LOGGING > We have removed an older logging framework from the app
improved REPORTS > PDF > We have tightened security around our PDF generation from Reports

30th March 2019
fixed CGETSQL > Resolved an issue where non-cell addresses were used in the Key argument, eg INDIRECT of OFFSET formula
fixed CGETSQL > Resolved an issue with update and create not always calculating correctly
fixed CGETSQL > Resolved an issue with defaults being set on Lookup fields showing the key not the value
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > Resolved an issue with importing to exclude header row
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > ON SAVE > Ensure After event populates records with their correct keys

27th March 2019
new OLAP > Session Management > You can now list and manage active and blocked sessions on your OLAP data sources.  Read more about Datasource Mappings
improved VIEWS > Cancelling views now also terminates all active queries for the user performing the action on the OLAP datasource
improved ADMIN > USERS > Search now doesn’t start searching until 3 characters or more are typed and will not query the server more than once every 500ms
fixed APPS > BLOCK MENU > We now ensure that when an icon or image is used it is scaled down to the correct size.

26th March 2019
new SETTINGS > Three new settings are now available to configure the Report image capture process that Publications use at a system level, not at an individual Publication level. Read about the new Report Image Capture settings here.

26th March 2019
fixed APPS > BLOCK MENU > Ensure that URL images are allowed to be used as well as FontAwesome icons
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > DELETE > Resolved a regression issue with delete failing
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > Ensure that at least one column matches the table being imported to and only then perform the import
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > Resolved a styling issue with the Import control when Editable Tables are in their own window

22nd March 2019
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > Resolved an issue that caused problems in some circumstances with the storing of the worksheet holding the errors in the cache
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > Resolved an issue that made the worksheet holding the import errors not work

22nd March 2019
new EDITABLE TABLES > IMPORT > Users can now import data directly into Editable Tables. Read more about Importing/Exporting
improved USERS > Users and Groups now store simple audit information about created, created by, modified and modified by
fixed REPORTS > Resolved an issue where using R1C1 references in the Query String was case sensitive on the cell address detection
fixed SHARE > Resolved an issue where the URL of a report when inside an app was being returned as the app URL, not the report URL

20th March 2019
improved EDITABLE TABLES > STORED PROCS > The name and ID of the Editable Table is now available in the JSON packet passed to the procs
improved EDITABLE TABLES > STORED PROCS > The after save stored proc will now get passed the updated records for Inserts and Updates
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > KEY COLUMN > Resolved an issue where this column was able to be updated even if it was turned off in the UI
fixed REPORTS > CELL SELECTOR > Resolved an issue where on multiple re-uses, the dropdown was slowly moving around
fixed IEWS > Resolved an issue in Send As Values that was failing where a cell had no number formatting set in Analysis Services.  If this is detected it will get the format ‘General’

19th March 2019
improved VIEWS > SEND AS VALUES > This now writes an Excel file directly from the output of the Views MDXqueryonthedatasource, instead of using CGETMDX slice as a proxy.  This will get around Views where the generated MDX was too long to fit in one Excel cell (32k characters)
fixed HOME > LIBRARY > Resolved an issue where Publish Administrators were not allowed in certain circumstances to manage the Library.
fixed PUBLICATIONS > IMAGE > Resolved an issue where for very long reports the size of the image was scaled right down.  Now it will render at 100% for pages up to 10,000 pixels wide or high.
fixed PUBLICATIONS > REPORTS > Resolved an issue withReportPartsand DynamicCharts in reports where they were not always finished rendering before the image was taken to send in the publication.

12th March 2019
improved REPORTS > Increased the number of times that a given cell can go through the Calculation engine from 5 to 25 so that for complex calculation chains, there should be no need to use the IF(“Calc” syntax to control calculation dependencies.
fixed HOME > Resolved a window resize issue that was causing a CPU drain
fixed HOME > Resolved a set of resizing issues where when a tab lost focus and then was given focus again it was not resized to the right size.
fixed REPORTS > CGETSQL > Ensure lookup type columns show the value, not the key for the column when the CGETSQL is set to be not editable.

9th March 2019
fixed ADMIN >SERVER CONFIG> Resolved an issue with window resizing not always working especially when the window was restored or maximized
fixed EDITABLE TABLES > Resolved an issue with @LoginId replacement where there was case sensitivity in the replacement

6th March 2019
new REPORTS > A new feature toggle has been put in place that makes images in reports (Sparks/shapes/Excel charts/pictures/etc..) be encoded into the report CSS so they are not saved to and served from the web server disk.
fixed APPS > Resolved a regression issue where clicking on the header area in the App would not return you to the home page of the app.
fixed HOME > TABS > Resolved an issue where clicking refresh on the tab for an app would cause it to close.
fixed REPORTS > Resolved an issue where an error was being thrown trying to get any shapes on the report when there were no shapes


5th March 2019

This is the initial release of CALUMO v 12.2.1, read all about it here in the Release Highlights for CALUMO v12.2.1