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Installation of the CALUMO Office Client fails

If you are installing the CALUMO Office client and a failure occurs, there are several possible ways to get more information on the failure.

Simple Log File

This is located in the installer window

When the installer runs, if writes our information about what it is doing to the visual log on the screen in the middle of the installer window.

This log is scrollable, so you can navigate back up to see information like what variables were used by the installer, what steps have been performed and what errors have occurred.

Full Log File

This is generated by the installer

When the installer runs it produces a detailed log file in the directory where the CALUMO Office Client is being installed.  If something goes wrong while installing, the installer will show a message that details where the logs can be found.

Like the Simple Log File above, various pieces of information about the installer process can be seen, such as what variables were used by the installer; what steps have been performed; and any detailed messages or errors that have occurred.

Log Analysis

Once the log file is obtained you can either send it through to or the more technical users may be able to interpret any messages and resolve the issue themselves

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