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Using Effective User Name in CALUMO

To configure CALUMO not to require Kerberos security to be implemented when you run Analysis Services on a separate server to your CALUMO Webserver, you need to tell CALUMO to run in EffectiveUser mode.

To configure CALUMO to run in this mode, you will need a few things:

  • Administrator access to your CALUMO Webserver
  • A service account and its credentials for running the IIS Application Pool
  • Active Directory administrator

You will now need to perform all the following steps:

  1. Either Create a New Application Pool and Assign it to CALUMO or Assign a Service Account To Your CALUMO Application Pool
  2. Turn off ASP.NET Impersonation on your CALUMO Web Application
  3. Grant Administrator Access for Service Accounts To Analysis Services
  4. Ensure the UseEffectiveUserName configuration property is set on
  5. Update Active Directory
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