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OLAP Connection String Defaults

When connecting to SQL Server Analysis Services, a set of defaults properties are used in the connection string to ensure a desired behaviour.

At present, the defaults are:

Integrated Security=SSPI;Provider=MSOLAP.3;SSPI=NTLM;MDX Compatibility=2;Optimize Response=2;

Injected Properties

When the connections are made, certain other proerties are injected

Application Name

This property is populated by CALUMO with information about what area of CALUMO is calling the given query. It will take the format: CALUMO <area>:<subarea> (<site>)

Data Source

This property is populated with the SQL Server Analysis Services instance that the query needs to be run against

Initial Catalog

This property is populated with the Catalog the query needs to be run against


This property is populated with SQL Server Locale value that is assigned to a user, if one is assigned.


This property is used when running CALUMO in a multi-tiered environment where SQL Server Analysis Services is not on the same machine as the CALUMO Web Server. It will be populated with the username of the user running the current query so that Analysis Services will impersonate that user to make the query, ensuring the correct security is applied


For reference, this is the Microsoft Docs page on all the available connection string properties for connections to SQL Server Analysis Services:

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