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Version History 2024.2


12 May, 2024
Improved Editable Table > Excel export row count limitation is put to 100000 to safeguard server performance
Fixed Data > Resolved issue where the drag and drop member was white on white. This issue has also been resolved in other places in CALUMO like Apps, Dimension Maintenance, Library, Drill Through.
Fixed Member Explorer > Resolved issue with member filter which changed to on/off button instead of checkbox selection.
Fixed Group Management > Resolved issue with name and description fields, field widths were 1px wide in Add/Edit popups after opening of Job Management screen.
Fixed Role Management > Resolved issue with name and description fields, field widths were 1px wide in Add/Edit popups after opening of Job Management screen.
Fixed Editable Table > Resolved issue with editable table lookup columns, lookup description values were not showing on excel export.
Fixed Editable Table > Resolved issue in permissions and field mappings section, editable table columns were 1px and right aligned after opening of Job Management screen.
Fixed Linked Analytics > Resolved issue in slicer editor, slicer action buttons have wrapped onto the previous line, instead of being on the same line as the row.
Fixed Cube Events > Resolved issue in edit cube event details all parameters were 1px and right aligned after opening of Job Management screen.


10 May, 2024
New Job Management > New page to run and view execution status and history SQL Agent job.
New Improve logging > Enhancement of Report, attribute level logging and Excel client related logs.
Improved Skylights > Resolved an issue where Skylights report was not Loading both in Microsoft word and PowerPoint
Improved Charts > Resolved an issue in which Label and series colour option in design was not functioning as expected.
Improved Excel > On Publish > Resolved an issue in which user was not able to write required files to disk
Improved Charts > CSS Issue fixed impacting Chart Alignment
Improved Skylight > Resolved an issue where Skylight was throwing error “Render Skylight Error” on click of OK button
Improved Reports > Resolved issues with MDX such as getting MDX error on load of report, Re-calculate button greying out, MDX error while loading the report due to WITH clause
Improved Application settings > Resolved an issue where Max Table Editor Count restricting data rows in the underlying table.
Improved Publications > Resolved an issue where publication log tab wasn’t getting closed.
Improved Apps > Resolved an issue where App’s name opened from a CHYPERLINK appears in all lower cases
Improved Report > Resolved an issue of Explanation of front-end code for report session timeout error.
Improved Resolved an issue with CALUMO Excel add-in issue with Azure AVD environment
Improved Reports > PDF > Resolved an issue in which font awesome icons have started rendering when sent to PDF
Improved Member Explorer > MEX Window > Resolved an issue where Search results were not returning correct results
Improved CREPORTINPUT > Input Field not holding value on AUTOCALC + refresh
Improved Publications > PDF Publications failures > Resolved an issue where Buffer Cannot be null
Improved Jquery Upgrade > Upgraded Jquery version from 3.4.1 to 3.6.0 to get security best practices and enhancements to mitigate common security threats.
Fixed Editable Table > Enhancement of Max Table Editor Row Count
Fixed Excel Client > Resolved an issue where excel got freeze if select multiple worksheets in same workbook and then select whole row.
Fixed Calc Member > Insert button is absolutely working fine for Calculated Member.
Fixed Cube Events > API /CALUMO/CUBEEVENTS/Hierarchies are not failing now when user select values from Stored procedure dropdown
Fixed Publications > Resolved an issue with user started getting email when publication is finished.
Fixed Excel Add-ins > Resolved an issue where user was unable to authenticate through CALUMO Excel Add-ins
Fixed Group Management > Resolved an issue in which available roles and assigned roles will be greyed out for “Administrators” like in Role management
Fixed CREPORTDATE > Resolved date-format issue
Fixed Excel add-in > Resolved an issue where user where not able to switch between customers
Fixed Excel > Writebacks > Resolved an issue where multiple customers were experiencing problems with writebacks
Fixed CREPORTCHECKBOX > Resolved issues with formula
Fixed CREPORT > Resolved an issue where user can pass parameters from CREPORTSQLSELECTOR control to the procedure on the form
Fixed Report > Resolved an issue of Report rendering / logo issue
Fixed Report > Resolved Report screens grey shading over the report data issue
Fixed Editable Table > Resolved an issue where Sorting functionality in Editable is now behaving as expected.
Fixed CMEMBER > Resolved an issue where users were unable to restrict member through CMEMBER subset
Fixed Login Service > Resolved an issue where Login to customers in Early Adopters was not working for internal users with Emails
Fixed Server Configuration > Application Settings > User cannot switch back to old UI if logged-in environment using New Home as default
Fixed Cube > Slicer in view is getting overlapped with pagination bar
Fixed Publication > Run Publication modal is not showing correct title on header
Fixed Report > Old UI > Ancestor and Parent nodes get disappear when user clicks Tab refresh icon

This is the initial release of CALUMO 2024.2

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