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Olap Cache


In CALUMO, an in-memory cache of the structure of the connected Analysis Services datasources is kept to assist with the reducing the load on the backend SQL Server as well as provide more performance to all the different parts of CALUMO that need this information.

Some of the structure is not cached, it is queried live because it has security dependancies that need to be evaluated in the context of the current user.


The following components are queried live each time:

  • Measures


The following components are kept in the cache:

  • Datasouce
  • Catalog
    • Cube
    • Dimension
      • Hierarchy
    • Measure Group
    • Measure Group Dimensionality

Important Concepts

Data Drawer

In the Data Drawer, even though the datasource structure is cached, the list of Catalogs built here is queried live because there is a security dependancy that needs to be evaluated in the context of the current user.

Rebuild Frequency

This cache is built whenever the CALUMO server is started and then on the frequency as configured in the CALUMO application setting Olap Cache Expiry.


This setting should not be set to lower than 60 minutes.

Manual Rebuild

The Olap Cache can also be manually rebuilt using the Rebuild Olap Cache action in the Data Drawer.

The main reasons a manual rebuild of the Olap Cache might be needed is because there has been a structural change to the underlying cube.

This is available for CALUMO Administrators only.

data drawer

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