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Release Highlights - 2021.2

CALUMO Perspectives - Default Measures

Previously, when a query with no selected Measure was issued against a CALUMO Perspective, the default Measure used was from the cube that the CALUMO Perspective was based on. As a result, unexpected numbers could be shown if the default Measure wasn’t valid for the Dimensions and Hierarchies selected in the CALUMO Perspective.

We have introduced the ability for Administrators to specifically set one of their selected Measures as the default Measure for each CALUMO Perspective. This default Measure is injected into queries on this perspective automatically when no Measure is detected.

Learn more about Default Measures in CALUMO Perspectives.

QUERY LOGGING - OLAP Connection String

To enhance troubleshooting of OLAP queries and connections, the QueryLog will now also store the connection used when making the connection to the backend OLAP server. This helps when using CALUMO in EffectiveUsername mode, as it shows the explicit username of the user the connection is being made for.

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