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Presenting Powerpoint Slideshows containing Skylights

Live content can be added to your PowerPoint presentations so that it is interactive when PowerPoint is in Slide Show mode.

Activating Content

Activating the content enables the user to utilise the web page browser as well as perform writeback on published reports during the Slide Show. There are two ways to enable content to be active in Slide Show mode:

  • Check the Active in Slide Show box when adding or editing a Skylight (only visible when using Skylights in Powerpoint).
  • Select the Skylight then select Actions -> Active in Slideshow from the CALUMO Skylights Toolbar.


If you have selected Active in Slide Show, then the Skylight will be displayed in Slide Show mode at 100% proportional size, even if it was stretched or resized non-proportionally on the slide (in Normal mode). All special effects will also be removed.

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