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Release Highlights - 2020.2

Cube Events Block Style Changes

There have been several changes to the payloads that block style Cube Events receive.

You can now receive a JSON payload instead of an XML payload when using the Block style Cube Events just by specifying a parameter named @json in your Stored Procedure.

We are deprecating the use of the payload properties Datasource, Catalog and Cube in favour of OlapDatasourceAlias, OlapDatasourcePhysical, OlapCatalog, OlapCube, SqlDatasource and SqlDatabase.

And, finally, you now also get a new property in the payload that specifies the CALUMO database id of the WritebackStoredProc configured that is currently executing and providing the payload to the StoredProc.

Read more here.

CALUMO Perspectives

CALUMO Perspectives (Perspectives) are a customizable selection of measures and dimensions (hierarchies) that act as real cube in CALUMO. They provide a way to define a logical cube that is the subset of an existing Analysis Service cube.

To manage Perspectives, use the CALUMO Perspecitives action in the Data Drawer.

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CREPORTGROUP - Smart Defaults

A set of changes have been made to CREPORTGROUP to give it some smarter defaults.

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