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Skylight Fields


Skylight Fields can only be added to a Microsoft Word document

Adding a Skylight Field

On pressing the Add button, the Skylight Designer shows in Skylight Field mode. This mode has fewer additional options than Skylights Report selection mode.  

Add Skylight Field Dropdown

Load a CALUMO report by typing in the URL or using the Select Report button

Once a report is selected, it will load into the main frame of the Skylight Designer from where a single cell or range of cells can be selected to return as Skylight Fields.

Selecting Single Cells

To select a single cell, simply click on it and press OK. The cell will be returned to your document as a Skylight Field.

Selecting Ranges

To select a range of cells, click on the top-left cell of the selection and drag out to cover all the desired cells and press OK. These cells will be returned to your document as Skylight Fields within a Word table.

Video Example

The following short video demonstrates the different ways to select Skylight Fields:

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