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Chart-Related Excel Functions

There are several functions relating to positioning and connecting charts that can be used when designing Published Reports.

CCHART Renders a dynamically linked chart in the published version of the report.

CCHARTDATAGRID Shows the data grid for the chart that resides in the cell specified. Specific to a chart, specified by the cell that it inhabits.


When using this formula, be sure to enter the cells in which the chart resides before inserting the formula. If not entered, an error will show when attempting to open the Published Report.

CCHARTSELECTIONS Within the cells in which this formula is located, the selections made within the specified chart family are shown.


When using CCHARTSELECTIONS, formatting from Microsoft Excel will be inherited in the Published Report (web). ie After you have merged and centred CCHARTSELECTIONS, formulae alignment in Microsoft Excel will be preserved. So if middle-centre aligned, selection changes made within a chart family will also appear middle-centre aligned.

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