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Release Highlights - 2020.3

Role Management

We have expanded our permissions and security features to supplement the existing Groups function.

Administrators can now create roles with custom permissions. These roles can be assigned to a specific group to allow users in that group to have those permissions.

Read more about Role Management and Group Management.

Editable Tables Improvement

The list of tables in the Editable Tables Administration screen will now refresh automatically when new Editable Tables are created.

Read more about Editable Tables.

Skylights High-Res Publish

Skylights is an Office add-in for Word and Powerpoint that allows you to treat ordinary pictures, such as a CALUMO report, as dynamic web pages which allows you to refresh pictures to contain the latest data.

The Skylights High-Res Publish feature now includes a hyperlink to the corresponding report URL.

Learn more about Skylights.

Query Logging (Beta)

CALUMO runs many queries on behalf of users against OLAP and Relational SQL Server data sources. Query Logging logs these queries for futher analysis where they are over the threshold configured.

Read more about Query Logging.

SQL Connection Naming

When queries are made to SQL Server, the context of the query from CALUMO is passed into the ApplicationName property so that when tracing in SQL Profiler, you can easily see what part of CALUMO a given query is coming from.

CALUMO Formula Updates


Column aliases usage

The Alias column from the Editable Table definition can now be used to reference the column to be used in this instance of the formula.

Lookup filter argument

An additional Lookup filter argument has been introduced to allow dynamic filtering of the CGETSQL function call on Lookup types that are designated as server-side lookups.

Read more about CGETSQL.


New arguments added

The CINFO formula has been updated to allow retrieval of the following data items:

  • EditableTableURL
  • IsMobile

Read more about CINFO.


Published look and feel “MemberListNonEmpty”

The published look and feel of CMEMBER now enables the use of NonEmpty with the MemberList style to restrict the values displayed by the MDX that is passed in via the Subset argument.

Read more about CMEMBER.


Server-side filtering

The CREPORTSQLSELECTOR formula now uses server-side filtering so that larger lists do not impact the usability of the selector control.

There is also a new property in CREPORTSQLSELECTORPROPERTIES, ListSizeLimit that allows the specification of the maximum number of items shown in the list at any one time.

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