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Introduction to Skylights


CALUMO Skylights is an Office addin for Word and Powerpoint that allows you to treat ordinary Pictures as dynamic web pages - called Skylights


Once a Skylight is inserted, It is possible to refresh all Skylights (to retrieve the latest data) within a document, all at once. This is particularly useful in creating documents, such as financial reports, that need to be recreated at regular intervals but usually have to be recreated from scratch every time.

Document Updates

If a document contains, say, 50 or more Skylights rather than plain Pictures, then they can all be positioned and sized in a certain way and then refreshed using Skylights so that the underlying URL is refreshed (eg a CALUMO report) to contain the latest data. Using Skylights, you can keep one single document and just refresh it, to reproduce ongoing reports.

Without Skylights

Without Skylights, each of the 50 images would need to be recaptured and re-inserted into a new document - a significantly more time-consuming task.

Other Features

There are a number of other features to enhance the usefulness of Skylights, such as being able to Mask Skylights so that documents can be shared while being restricted to those with permissions to see the underlying page or data.

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