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Upgrade from versions before CALUMO 11.4

Uninstalling CALUMO 11.3 and Prior Versions

You must uninstall CALUMO 11.3 and older prior to installing CALUMO 11.4 or greater and ensure that the file system has been cleaned up where applicable (see below).


  1. Backup existing CALUMO11 database
  2. Uninstall CALUMO11 Application Database
  3. Restore CALUMO11 database
  4. Install CALUMO 11.4+ Application Database
  5. Check that the CalumoUser has been correctly assigned to the CALUMO11 Database if you restored before upgrading


  1. Backup the following folders in your c:\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\calumo11\\:
  2. publishedreports
  3. userfiles
  4. license
  5. Uninstall
  6. Clean out and delete the directory c:\inetpub\wwwroot\calumo11\
  7. Ensure IIS Virtual Directories are removed
  8. Install CALUMO 11.4+ Webserver
  9. Copy the calumo.lic file into the correct folder as per the CALUMO 11 Requirements and Installation Guide.
  10. Copy the following folders back into the installtion location
  11. publishedreports
  12. userfiles


  1. Install CALUMO 11.4+ Client
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