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The Published Report Window

A published report is made up of two main areas, the toolbar and the report body.  The toolbar, described below, is the horizontal blue bar at the top of the report and contains many of the functions you can use on reports. The report body is the section below where the report content renders for you to interact with.

Published Report Toolbar

The toolbar has three parts:

  • main user functions (highlighted in orange on the left)
  • admin only functions (highlighted in red on the right)
  • share menu (highlighted in yellow on the far right)

User and Share Functions

Update / Calculate

You need to select the update icon after you make any changes in your report, whether it is to change a selection, enter a comment or update data. This is to ensure that new data is loaded or changes are written back (depending on the action you performed).


If changes to data points are pending or there is pending commentary ie you have not updated them, you will not be able to alter selections or drop downs to alter the dimensions shown in your report.

Clear Writebacks

Clear writebacks allows you to clear all pending changes you have made to the report. Pending changes are ones that have not yet been updated, and therefore written back. These changes are highlighted green.

This icon will only become available after you have made changes i.e. changed a data point in the report, written notes or commentary.

Spreading Hold Cells

Allows you to exclude a selected cell from being altered when spreading, altering the spread to remove the selected cell. For more information on spreading please visit Spreading. If you would like more information on spreading holds refer to Holding Cells Whilst Spreading

Clear All Spreading Holds

Clear all spreading holds clears all held cells.

If you have not yet spread the cells, the cell will no longer be highlighted orange and no changes will have been made. If you have used the spread function and excluded cells by using the hold tool, selecting the clear all spreading holds icon will clear the spreading hold, however the previous spread will remain, and will require updating in order to write back. Clearing all spreading holds allows you to complete further spreading whilst no longer maintaining previously held cells.

Drill To Transactions

Drill through to transactions allows you to gain access to more granular information about the selected data point. Selecting this icon takes you to a separate tab with the breakdown of data contributing to the selected cell.

Drill To View

Drill to view allows you to select a cell on the report and drill out to a view of that datapoint for a starting point for further analysis.

Linked Analytics

Linked Analytics provides a means of navigation between documents via a customisable menu of links. Read more on Linked Analytics

Send To Excel

Send to Excel allows you to send reports to Excel for further analysis and distribution.

When selecting this icon you are offered two options, Send to Excel and send without formulas. Send to Excel preserves the CALUMO formulas which are unrecognisable in Excel unless you have CALUMO Office Client, and thus the CALUMO ribbon. If you don’t have CALUMO Office Client installed, it is best to send without formulas.

If you have CALUMO Office Client, using Send to Excel allows the report to stay connected to the data held within CALUMO. This means that if you are doing further analysis using that data, you can refresh it without again having to Send to Excel from the web report. Staying connected also means that any updates performed on the data when it is in Excel are reflected in the web report. Visit CALUMO Office Client for more information on how to use it.


The default action for this button is to Send To Excel (with formulas)


Like exporting to PDF in word, Download as PDF allows you to save the report as a PDF. Upon selecting the PDF icon you are offered options about orientation, size and an add info checkbox. Selecting add info provides information on the report such as the source, time stamping, the user that produced the report and the pagination information.


For reports you are viewing often, or would like to access quickly and easily, marking reports as a favourite allows for quick access. Once marked as a favourite, reports can be easily accessed from the ‘My’ Drawer under favourites. Once you have marked a report as a favourite you will receive a notification on the top right of your screen confirming the action. You can also toggle on and off to unmark and remark as a favourite for convenient access.

Open In New

Selecting Open in new tab allows you to view reports in isolation, in their own tab in your browser. This allows you to view a report independently with its own toolbar only, without the five drawers appearing above and without other reports appearing in other tabs.

Report Help

If your CALUMO administrator has chosen to create a help page to assist with the use, purpose and processes of the report you are working with, selecting the help icon will automatically direct you to the page they have created. Alternatively, if a help page has not been created, you will be redirected to the CALUMO help page.


The Share Menu expands on hover to give you options to share the URL for the report by either copying it as a link or sending it as an email.

Admin Only Functions

These options are only available if you are a CALUMO Administrator or have the Publish Administrator role.

Download Original

Download Original allows you to download the original Excel worksheet that was published to CALUMO from the Report Vault.

Version History

Version History shows you the complete history of the current report in descending order. From this view you can see who published each version of the report, when each version was published, as well as being able to download or view a specific version.

Report Assets

Brings up a window where you can manage, and in some cases, edit the assets that are a part of the report.

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