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Version History 2023.2


14 June, 2023
Fixed Dimension Members >After addtion of dimension members in view, list members are not getting added
Fixed Publications > PDF Publications failures > Buffer Cannot be null
Fixed Excel add-in does not allow user to connect with authentication browser for all the early adopters
Fixed Drill through transaction for Actual scenario of NA WBS shows nothing
Fixed Editable Tables > Data and ColumnNames are not changing on modification of the table
Fixed Exported notes contain html elements
Fixed Access control screen getting shifted to upside when user drag drop from Effective Access
Fixed Filter list text is overlapping with X icon on Effective access modal
Fixed Editable tables are not getting disappear after deletion
Fixed Application start throwing errors when user add lengthy text in Role name and description
Fixed CMemeber is not functioning properly with SetWithCaption multiselect mode.
Fixed Delete button should only be enable if any particular role is selected
Fixed Filter list results are disappearing when user apply text filter and remove few item on User management page
Fixed Filter list keep on adding duplicate values when user expand and collapse the filtered list
Fixed Pop text is overlapping with Close button on CREPORTFRAME
Fixed Data columns of grid is not appearing on Server logs page when user add it from Columns option
Fixed Security>Upgrade from jQuery 3.4.1
Fixed Security>Missing X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff Response Header
Fixed Security>HTTP Strict Transport Security not Configured
Fixed Security>Weak Content Security Policy Implementation
Fixed Security>Sensitive Cookie ASPXAUTH not set as Secure
Fixed Security>Insufficient Session Invalidation on Logout
Fixed Security>Persistent Cross-Site Scripting via the Kendo UI Editor
Fixed User Management > Cloud User button no text after click
Fixed User Management > Filter icon jumps when selected
Fixed Start Pages > Icons are blue on hover and purple on visited
Fixed Editable Tables > Add Button > Add button does not trigger when a field is configured with a date format


11 April, 2023
Improved SECURITY > Miscellaneous pakages upgrade
Improved Miscellaneous enhancements to new CALUMO UX
Improved SERVER CONFIGURATION > SETTING > Updated default value of “Max Table Editor Count” setting
Fixed Slice to Excel and Send to PDF > Fixed an issue causing a loading symbol to not disappear
Fixed Fixed issue with apps to ensure app with no ‘App Icon URL’ could be saved
Fixed FONT AWESOME ICONS > Resolved issue preventing Font Awesome icons to display as expected
Fixed Fixed notification service issue

This is the initial release of CALUMO 2023.2.

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