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The SPARKS Launch Wizard

Anatomy of the SPARKS Wizard

  1. The CALUMO SPARKS Wizard toolbar (shown below)
  2. The SPARK type selector. Select the SPARK that you want to build
  3. The formula display. This fieldshows the full list of Excel arguments that creates the SPARK. Note that optional arguments are shown in [brackets]
  4. The automatically generated formula from the CALUMO SPARKS Wizard. This is the formula that is inserted into the cell
  5. The SPARK properties. This section shows all of the properties available to the currently selected SPARK
  6. The property helper. This section displays a short description of the current property selected.
  7. The preview display. This section shows a preview of what your SPARK will look like, based on the properties you have chosen
  8. The SPARK helper. This section displays a short description of the SPARKcurrently being configured in the CALUMO SPARKS Wizard
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