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Version History 2020.3



March 16, 2021
Improved CGETNOTE > Images can now be pasted directly into the CGETNOTE rich text control.
Fixed CGETSQL > Resolved an issue where when a bit field using a switch control was null, it would cause the rendering of subsequent cells to fail.
Fixed CREPORTDATE > Resolved an issue where the autocalc argument would not always work leading to inconsistent behaviour.
Patched CREPORTSQLSELECTOR > Resolved an issue where given a certain configuration of the lookup, where duplicates would show in the list.
Fixed REPORTS > DATE INPUT > Resolved an issue with the date control when a null value was passed in the control, where it would show an error instead of today’s date.
Fixed REPORTS > DATE INPUT > Resolved an issue with the date control when performing a writeback, where the cell would show the full ISO date format of the date selected, not the formatted date.
Fixed REPORTS > DATE INPUT > Resolved an issue with the date control when selecting a date, where the control would not always hide automatically.
Fixed REPORTS > DATE INPUT > Resolved an issue with the date control where it would not always apply the date format of the cell to the data selector control.


March 1, 2021
Fixed CPUT > Resolved an issue where CPUT would not write the correct value back if the value was another CALUMO formula or the cell / value it was referencing resolved to N/A or #VALUE at some point in the calcualtion cycle.


February 27, 2021
Improved REPORTS > CREPORTLIST > Ensured that on selection of a cell that contained a CREPORTLIST, the list box would be selected and focused so that users can immediately start typing to find a new value without having to perform a second click to set the focus.
Fixed ADMIN > Resolved an issue with admin pages that use the three pane design, where when filtering on the middle (Assigned) list and then removing an item from that list whilst filtered, all other items not filtered would also be removed.
Fixed OFFICE CLIENT > CLIENT AUTH V2 > Resolved an issue where, in some very specific circumstances, a user being logged in would not be found in the CALUMO database when their permissions were being evaluated causing them to not be able to Public Publish even if they had the correct permissions.
Fixed REPORTS > WRITEBACK > Resolved an issue with writeback where when clearing a cell’s contents to remove the value and writeback it would look to do this but the value would not be removed.


February 22, 2021
Fixed WRITEBACK > AFTER BLOCK > Resolved a regression issue with After Block writeback processing that was causing it to fail with an error.


February 15, 2021
Improved REPORT > PASTE > Drastically improved the performance of pasting large datasets (500+ cells) into a CALUMO report from Excel.
Fixed DRILL TO TRANSACTION > Resolved an issue which was causing drilling on a data point that included a CALUMO Custom subset as a member where it was not being resolved before the drill query was being run against Analysis Services.
Fixed OFFICE CLIENT > CLIENT AUTH V2 > Resolved an issue where CALUMO running in Cloud with authentication not using SSO, the user would be prompted for credentials each and every Excel session.


February 3, 2021
Patched REPORT > PDF > Resolved an issue where when using Google Fonts with CREPORTFONT the report would fail to be able to generate a PDF.


January 27, 2021
Patched MAINTAIN DIMENSION > Search > Resolved an issue where search is not able to complete if the tree loading option “load on demand” is set to ON.
Fixed WEB > Error > Resolved an issue where a cache connection error causes redirect loop and multiple warning messages for periodic META update.


January 13, 2021
Fixed REPORT > Export to PDF > Resolved an issue where image URLs for uploaded images were not rendered in the PDF document.
Fixed CMEMBER > Slicer > Resolved an issue where the slicer cell did not change colour when modified.


October 16, 2020
Fixed CREPORTDATE > Resolved an issue where date input creates an error during writeback
Fixed CGETNOTE > Resolved an issue where pure number input to the note cannot be opened for editing again.


September 17, 2020
New CMEMBER > Add MemberListNonEmpty publish look and feel parameter. For more information, see CMEMBER.
Improved CGETSQL > Ensures that it gracefully fails when it references an Editable Table that no longer exists.
Improved CGETSQL > Allows column alias to be used.
Improved CREPORTSQLSELECTOR > Add server side filtering with type ahead search.
Improved EDITABLE TABLES > Editable Tables now enforce the uniqueness of the column alias value.
Improved PERSPECTIVES > CMEMBER now adheres to only showing measures from the CALUMO Perspective that were explicitly made availble from the parent cube.
Improved REPORT > TOOLBAR > Ensure Save and Recalc are readily distinguishable.
Fixed CCHART > Resolved an issue where when you have a CCHART with overridden slicers and you reset the state of the Chart using the context menu, you are reverted to the initial value, not the overridden value.
Fixed EDITABLE TABLES > Resolved an issue where adding records to a table with a non-integer based primary key would fail.
Fixed HELP > Resolved an issue where the URL to for release notes was not generating the correct version number format so the pages were not found.
Fixed MEMBER EXPLORER > Resolved an issue where no scroll bar was showing on the list of calculated members and you could not get to all the members if there were many in the list.
Fixed MULTI-TENANT > Resolved various issues with this beta of Multi-Tenant mode.
Fixed SKYLIGHTS > HIGHRES > Resolved an issue where, on High-Res Publishing, the Skylight images went missing.
Fixed VIEWS > Resolved an issue where when opening a blank view using the <Blank> shortcut at the top of views caused a duplicate blank view to open.
Fixed VIEWS > Resolved an issue where there was a misalignment of the horizontal row borders between the members and the data if the cell’s data value was a space.
Fixed VISUALS > Resolved an issue where the Visual’s nodes would fail to expand in some circumstances.

2020.3 Release

July 30, 2020

This is the initial release of CALUMO 2020.3, read all about it in the Release Highlights for CALUMO 2020.3

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