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The CGETSQL formula is used to retrieve a value from a CALUMO Editable Table based on the key and field name passed in as part of the function.


CGETSQL (EditableTable, Key, ColumnName, DefaultValue, IsEditable)


EditableTable : string (required)

Specify the Editable Table ID or Name to use as the base definition.

Key : string (required)

Specify the key value from the table that this formula should use to get the data.

ColumnName : string (required)

Specify the column/field name or the defined aliase from the Editable Table for which to display the data from the record of the specified Key.

DefaultValue : string

Specify the default value to use when a new record is created against this Editable Table.

IsEditable : boolean

Specify if this cell is editable or not. This arg is ignored (ie does not override) if the column is set to not updatable in the Editable Table definition.

Default value: true

Usage Scenarios

This formula is used as a part of building an input form along with formula such as CREPORTSQLSELECTOR and CREPORTSQLPAGER