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Custom Installer Packager

This tool (set of scripts) creates a customized installer for the CALUMO Office Client so that an Administrator can specify the default CALUMO URL and avoid the user needing to know it during install.


  1. Extract the Office Client Custom Installer to a temporary location
  2. Copy an original version of the CALUMO Office Client.exe from its web folder location in \\ClientInstall\\CALUMO OfficeClient.exe to the folder InstallationFiles
  3. Modify the file InstallFiles\OfficeClientSilentInstall.bat to have the correct URL for your CALUMO server
  4. Run the file CreateCalumoCustomInstaller.bat to create your custom installer file - which will be called CALUMO OfficeClient.exe and will appear in the same folder
  5. Copy this new file back into \ClientInstall\
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