Converts a URL and up to 20 arguments and returns the correctly formed, combined URL.

While much of the CURL functionality can be obtained through the use of CHYPERLINK, there are times when CYHPERLINK does not provide enough flexibility. For example, there may be characters which are difficult to embed correctly in the URL (ie =).

Once formed, this URL can be used within the CHYPERLINK formula.


CURL (HREF, Arg1…Arg20)



(Required)   Specify a HREF URL link


Specify the value of the first argument.


Specify the value of the nth argument. You are allowed up to 20 args

Usage Scenarios

To used to create correctly formed URLs for use in CALUMO Reports. It is useful when users need to combine a HREF URL link with other arguments (up to 20 arguments) to create a correctly formated URL.

The input of arguments such as Arg1 … Arg20 is optional.


The result of this CURL formula is: