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The CREPORTTOOLBAR formula allows the report builder to control the visibility of each of the non-administrator only buttons on the Published Reports Toolbar.


CREPORTTOOLBAR (HideToolbar, ShowOrHideButtons, ButtonList)


HideToolbar : boolean

Force the toolbar to hide on this report.

This works similar to using the ht=true in the query string of the report.

Default value: false

ShowOrHideButtons : string

Flag whether we are setting the following buttons to Show or Hide.

Using Show will hide all buttons not listed in the third argument.

Using Hide will only hide buttons listed in the third argument.

Default is unset which will make no change in visibility happen.

ButtonList : string

A comma separated list of button names to either show or hide based on the value of the previous argument.

The valid button names are:

Calculate, ClearWriteback, HoldCells, ClearAllHolds, DrillToTransactions, DrillToView, LinkedAnalytics, SendToExcel, SendToPdf, ToggleFavorite, OpenInNewWindow, ReportHelp, Share

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