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Silent Install - Office Client

A silent install of the CALUMO Office Client can be performed. To ensure this is successful, you must make sure the following pre-requisites are installed beforehand on the installation computer:

To perform a silent install, please refer to the following help which can be found by running the installer with the /? Switch:

  • Calumo OfficeClient.exe /?

The default values for unspecified options in a command line silent install are as follows:


For paths and urls, the values should be wrapped in double quotes (inner) and then single-quotes (outer) to ensure that the values are escaped correctly from the command line into the installer.
e.g. /CalumoServer='""'

Option Default Comment
AllUsers or CurrentUser AllUsers Sets the installation mode, use like: /AllUsers or /CurrentUser
InstallPath For /AllUsers, the default installation directory is C:\Program Files\CALUMO Labs Pty Ltd\CALUMO Office Client and for /CurrentUser the default installation directory is %LocalAppData%\CALUMO Office Client The path to install CALUMO into, use like:
CalumoServer The URL to your CALUMO Server, use like:
Debug 0 Set to 1 to show debug messages during installation, use like: /Debug=1

Note: This will show a UI during a silent installation
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