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Suppressing Drill-Down in Published Reports

When you publish a report, CMEMBER drop-down lists default to allow drilling-down on the member list.

You also have the option of customising this drill-down so that the list displays only the members which are relevant to your published report.

The Published Report

When you suppress a drill-down by selecting a single member or creating a subset, you notice that the drill-down arrows are no longer shown. If you select a single member, for example: North American Operations, you will see only the member and its siblings: European Operations and Pacific Operations in the drop-down list in your published report – even if there are child members available.

If you use a subset, only the members that you have chosen in the subset are available (not their siblings as in the first example).

Simple Suppression

To suppress drill-down in your published reports using simple selection:

  1. After slicing to Excel, click on the selected member
  2. Add “nodrill” to the DropDown argument in the CMEMBER formula
  3. Save and select Publish from the CALUMO menu to produce a drop-down list with no drill-down functionality

Suppression By Subset

To suppress drill-down in your published reports using subsets:

  1. Click into the cell containing the member list you wish to customise
  2. Double-click to produce the Member Explorer
  3. Select the members you wish to save for your published report
  4. Click the Keep selected members button then save your subset
  5. Name your subset
  6. Tick the Public box and click OK to save it the subset
  7. Select the member from the list that you which to be the default when the report is opened by your users, then click OK to return to Excel
  8. Click in the cell of the CMEMBER you wish to change and type NoDrill after DropDown, so it reads: “DropDownNoDrill”

When you publish your report, you notice the drop-down list contains only the two members you selected and drill is not available.

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