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The CREPORTSQLSELECTOR formula, when used in a Published Report, will show a control that displays a searchable list of records to select from. The search is done on the server side and will return a list limited to 100 results by default. This property can be change in CReportSQLSelectorProperties. This control can be configured to work as a single-record or multiple-record selector.

The selected key(s) or the configured ReturnColumn from the Editable Table will be returned to the output cell, and where multiple records are selected, they will be delimited by default with a comma, or if configured, the designated delimiter.


CREPORTSQLSELECTOR (EditableTable, OutputRange, DisplayColumns, ReturnColumn, WhereClause, OrderBy, Properties)


EditableTable : string (required)

Specify the name or ID of the Editable Table to show records from.

OutputRange : string (required)

Specify the range to write the key(s) of the items that have been selected by the user. If the range is a single cell, all the keys selected will be put into that cell with a separator, if the range contains multiple cells, then the keys will be filled into that range by column by row.

Use the helper formula CREPORTSQLSELECTORPROPERTIES to set the key separator, the default separator is a comma.

DisplayColumns : string (required)

Specify the comma separated column/field names to use as the display for the list.

Use the helper formula CREPORTSQLSELECTORPROPERTIES to set the separator, the default separator is a space

ReturnColumn : string

Specify the column that will act as the key for selections made. If no return column is specified, the Key column defined in the Editable Table definition is used.

WhereClause : string

Specify the Where clause to pass the Editable Table to restrict the records to select from.

This will be “AND” to any default where clause that the EditableTable already has defined

OrderBy : string

Specify the column or list of columns with either ASC or DESC (separated by a comma) to order the result list. If not specified, then DisplayColumns will be used.

Properties : string

Specify the set of properties used to configure the behaviour of this selector.


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