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Using CALUMO Tabs

CALUMO tabs provide a multi-window environment within the CALUMO website.

CALUMO tabs function in a similar way to browser tabs (such as in Chrome and Firefox), but also provide custom CALUMO features.

When hovering over a CALUMO tab, several options appear - highlighted below:

Each option shows a hover tip as a description of their function - a full description is tabled below:

Option Function
Send an email (using your default email client) with the URL of the tab selected as the body text. Technical Note : if no email client is setup, then this option will not be able to work and will prompt the user to set one up (the exact response depends on the browser and operating system being used)
Copy the URL of the document to the clipboard
Open the document in a New Browser Window
Refresh/reload the document
Close all other CALUMO tabs
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