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Guided Analytics

CALUMO takes guided analytics to a new level with the CHYPERLINK and CREFLEX formulas, allowing you to create a seamless experience of navigating through the information in your reports.

Using guided analytics, you can build a path that allows users to follow the logical flow of information, to improve the ease and speed in which you can find the answers to the questions that your business is asking.

Guided analytics is accomplished by dynamically linking and passing context of interest from one report to another. For example, if your spreadsheet contains regions, resellers, and products, then selecting a region by date guides you to the resellers for that region. From there, you can drill from resellers to products for that region. This process is known as guided analytics because one CHYPERLINK guides you to the next level of reporting, passing your selected criteria (resellers, region, etc.) to the next report.

You can use CHYPERLINK on a shape or an image as well.

Using Guided Analytics in Linked Reports

The following steps will show you how to create a Guided Analytics experience for your users.

In Excel, we use the CHYPERLINK formula to link published reports.


The URL what we want to link to, it can be any CALUMO component like a Published Report and App or a View or an external website if that is what is required.


If you are linking to a CALUMO component, use the CINFO formula to help you generate the correct URL.


The target is the name of the browser window or frame in which the URL will open. This is optional and has been left blank in this exercise.

The link text is the friendly text (rather than the whole URL) that will be displayed on the report.


The context being passed are the arguments (member unique IDs) that are the default members selected for the next report when it is opened.


On the published report, clicking on the countries will drill down to the state level, and clicking on a state guides you to the resellers report for that location. Once a report is published, the links guide you from one report to another, drilling down into more detail as you move further down the path.

This example shows how you can guide a user down a logical path through a suite of reports, passing context as you go, so that you can quickly discover the details of your business activities.

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