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Spreading Precision

When spreading numbers across multiple cells, there are times when the result for each cell will not be a whole number, for example when spreading 100 evenly over three cells the value in each cell should be 33.333333333 (repeating) but this is not really what users want to see. So, in CALUMO, we default the spreading precision to two decimal places more than the number that was entered.


If 100 is entered to be spread evenly over three cells, we will put 33.33 into the first two cells and 33.34 into the last cell.

As you may have noted from that example, as we perform the spreading, we also take care to not exceed the value that you have entered. To do this we ensure that for all but the last cell, we round the value towards zero and then in the last cell we true up the value to the original total.

Advanced Options

There are some overrides that a report developer can use on their report to be very specific about how spreading precision works, these would need to be put in the custom JavaScript asset for the given report and the following details the settings you can use:

Option Description
$.CALUMO.options.reports.spreadingPrecision Override the spreading precision for all spreading no matter what decimal places the number entered has.
$.CALUMO.options.reports.spreadingPrecisionDefault Override the default precision used for all spreading. This is the number of decimal places we will add to the value to determine spreading precision. For example, If you set this to four and enter 100.00, we will spread to six decimal places. The default for this setting is two.
$.CALUMO.options.reports.spreadingPrecisionMax Override the maximum number of decimal places we will spread to. The default for this setting is eight
$.CALUMO.options.reports.spreadingPrecisionMin Override the minimum number of decimal places we will spread to. The default for this setting is zero
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