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Chart Label Trimming

The labels of a chart on its category axis are generated based on the Members showing in the CALUMO View that the chart is based on. Where there are multiple hierarchies stacked on the rows axis, labels will be generated with the combinations of the members that lead to the given number.

As this can lead to long labels, which in turn cause cramped charts, in CALUMO there are a set of options to allow control over trimming the labels to a more appropriate size.

Trim By Character

This option is best used when there is a known format of labels and allows for the trimming of the label at the first or last occurance of the specified string.

For example, where there are stacked hierarchies in a view, CALUMO uses the “-” character to delimit the different members captions in the labels. Using the value “-” in the Trim by Character setting means that either the first part of the label up to the fist “-” will be shown when the setting Trim From Out is enabled or the last part of the label up to the last “-” is shown when that setting is disabled.

Trim By Max Chars

This option is best used where the label has a fixed component or size and allows for the trimming of the label to either the first or last number of characters.

For example, where the label is a fixed format like an account code that is always 30 characters and the first 10 characters are not instrumental in understanding the account, setting this option to 20 will make only the last 20 characters show as the label.

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