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Meta Administration (beta)

Who is this page intended for?

This information is intended for CALUMO Administrator/Meta Admin to setup Meta for their instance of CALUMO and authoring meta content for their organization.

How to enable Meta?

An organization can switch on Meta per CALUMO instance using feature toggle. The Meta feature toggle can be found under Administration menu > Server Configuration > Feature Toggles.

Toggle ON the Meta feature name then save the change and recycle the CALUMO app to pick up the new setting.

Meta Authoring

User with administrator or meta admin access can create/edit any meta content. Meta authoring toggle can be found in the user dropdown list.

Once Meta Authoring mode is on, the user will see the meta icon appear for all assets that can have meta added. On hovering over the meta icon, an editable meta-information box will appear to allow the user to create/edit meta-information.

Meta Editing

Users can click on the Edit button to open the editing window.

On the top right of the edit menu, there is a meta-information version history menu. This keeps track of the content as well as the user responsible for the modification. A Make Current button will allow a user to set the current meta-information content to that specific version.