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The CREPORTSQLSELECTORPROPERTIES formula is a helper formula that allows you to set the behaviour of a CREPORTSQLSELECTOR function.


CREPORTSQLSELECTORPROPERTIES (AutoCalc, MultiSelect, DisplayColumnSeparator, ValueSeparator)


AutoCalc : boolean

Specify whether or not to automatically calculate the report when a value is selected from this control.

Default value: true

MultiSelect : boolean

Specify whether or not this control acts as a multiple selection control, allowing the user to select 1 to many values, with the keys of those selections being stored in the output range.

Default value: false

DisplayColumnSeparator : string

Specify the separator to use, where multiple columns are specified as display columns.

Default value: " " (one space)

ValueSeparator : string

Specify the separator to use where multiple values are selected by the user (when the control is in multi-select mode) in order to delineate the selected keys

Default value: , (comma)