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Working with Data Views

A Data View is basically a saved Data Explorer session.

Opening a Data View will show Data Explorer, populated with the structure it was saved with.


Data Views can be saved with a name and can be either private (accessible only to you) or public (accessible to everyone)

The accessibility is not a security restriction. Given the URL of a private view, anyone can see it, but no one else will be able to find it (without being given the URL).

The data itself will always be subject to security setup in Analysis Services.


Data Views also have the ability to Clone (which is technically, save-a-copy-with-an-automatically-generated-name)

Cloning takes a “snapshot” (or “clone”) so that you can save something of interest but then immediately continue exploring.

Undo / Redo

A history of actions is taken on all changes made to the data view in a given session, such as dragging or changing a filter and provide the ability to freely explore data while not having to worry about losing something of interest.

*They *may occasionally be disabled (as shown in the image) but only when there is nothing to undo or redo.

Flip Axis

You can flip the Rows to Columns and vice versa (this is basically a shortcut for dragging everything off and back on the opposite axis - a common enough task).

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