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Multi Axes and Combination ViewCharts

When you are creating a chart, there will be times that you want to plot one or more series on a different axis because, for example, the scale of the data is vastly different and one series dwarfs another. Or, you may want to have a combination chart with certain series showing as columns and others as lines.  In CALUMO, you can easily and quick setup your chart with these features.

Multi Axes Charts

Let’s say you have a chart with 3 series of data, October, November and December and you want to set your November data to plot on a different axis to the other two months. To do this, setup your default series the way you want to see October and December as per the example in first image on the left and ensure that the Axis Position is set to the Primary or left axis.

Now, go into the Axes & Other Series section and toggle off inheritance of defaults for November, configure the chart type and the properties as required and then ensure that the Axis Position of November is set to the Secondary or right axis

Combination Charts

To create a combination chart, you follow the instructions above to make the series that you want to show different not inherit properties from the default series, and then you choose the different chart type from the available chart types and configure as required.

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