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Silent Install - Database

A silent install of the CALUMO Application Database can be performed. To ensure this is successful, you must make sure the following pre-requisites are installed beforehand on the installation computer:

  • .NET 4.6.2 Framework
  • SqlCmd Tool (requires installation of 2 installers - Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client and Command Line Utilities)
Tool x64 x86

SqlCmd is a stand-alone tool and no particular version of SQL Server is required.

Please do not substitute the versions (with links) referred to above (In particular, 2012 SP1 versions of these tools have a known issue that will prevent a silent install from completing)

To perform a silent install, please refer to the following help which can be found by running the installer with the /? Switch:

  • Calumo ApplicationDatabase.exe /?

The default values for unspecified options in a command line silent install are as follows

Option Default Comment
InstallPath c:\program files (x86)\calumo labs pty ltd\calumo database|
SQL Server localhost The hostname of the SQL server to install/upgrade the CALUMO database
AuthType Windows Can be either Windows or SQL
SQLUsername Must be specified if you chose AuthType SQL
SQLPassword Must be specified if you chose AuthType SQL
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