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Version History 2023.3


01 July, 2023
Fixed Dimension Members >After addtion of dimension members in view, list members are not getting added
Fixed Publications > PDF Publications failures > Buffer Cannot be null
Fixed Excel add-in does not allow user to connect with authentication browser for all the early adopters
Fixed Drill through transaction for Actual scenario of NA WBS shows nothing
Fixed Editable Tables > Data and ColumnNames are not changing on modification of the table
Fixed Exported notes contain html elements

| Fixed | Access control screen getting shifted to upside when user drag drop from Effective Access | Fixed | Filter list text is overlapping with X icon on Effective access modal | Fixed | Editable tables are not getting disappear after deletion| | Fixed | Role management | Application start throwing errors when user add lengthy text in Role name and description| | Fixed | CMemeber is not functioning properly with SetWithCaption multiselect mode. | | Fixed | Role management | Delete button should only be enable if any particular role is selected| | Fixed | Filter list results are disappearing when user apply text filter and remove few item on User management page| | Fixed | Filter list keep on adding duplicate values when user expand and collapse the filtered list| | Fixed | Pop text is overlapping with Close button on CREPORTFRAME | | Fixed | Data columns of grid is not appearing on Server logs page when user add it from Columns option| | Fixed | Security>Upgrade from jQuery 3.4.1 | | Fixed | Security>Missing X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff Response Header | | Fixed | Security>HTTP Strict Transport Security not Configured | | Fixed | Security>Weak Content Security Policy Implementation | | Fixed | Security>Sensitive Cookie ASPXAUTH not set as Secure | | Fixed | Security>Insufficient Session Invalidation on Logout | | Fixed | Security>Persistent Cross-Site Scripting via the Kendo UI Editor| | Fixed | User Management > Cloud User button no text after click | | Fixed | User Management > Filter icon jumps when selected | | Fixed | Start Pages > Icons are blue on hover and purple on visited | | Fixed | Editable Tables > Add Button > Add button does not trigger when a field is configured with a date format | This is the initial release of CALUMO 2023.3

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