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The CREPORTSQLPAGER formula is used to show a full or partial paging control to the user in a Published Report as a way of allow them to navigate through the keys of an EditableTable as well as create new records or edit / delete existing records.

This control will inherit the font size and colour formatting from the cell.


CREPORTSQLPAGER (EditableTable, OutputRange, SourceKeyWhereClause, OrderByProperties)


EditableTable : string (required)

Specify the name or ID of the Editable Table you want to navigate.

OutputRange : string (required)

Specify the range where you want to write the keys the pager has selected. The number of cells in the range will determine the page size that the Pager uses.

SourceKey : string

Specify the source key to use when using Edit or Delete actions.

WhereClause : string

Specify the where clause to pass the Editable Table to restrict the records to navigate.

This will be “AND” to any default where clause that the Editable Table already has defined

OrderBy : string

Specify the column or list of columns (separated by a comma) to use to order the result list

This will override any default order by the the Editable Table already has defined

Properties : string

Specify the set of properties used to configure the behaviour of this pager.


Usage Scenarios

This formula is used as a part of building an input form with CGETSQL or as a paging control for a CREFLEXTABLE.

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